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Holly and Hugo

Holly and Hugo is an e-learning company which features courses for animal lovers and those planning to work with animals in the future. Their courses have been created just for you, and since all study is completed online you can learn anywhere and at your own pace. Check out the courses in more detail at, choose which ones suit you best, and begin building an exciting new career today! Source: Free Articles from

Pretty Deadly for Cats: 8 Toxic Plants

Houseplants and gorgeous gardens are the pride of many homeowners. We spend hours and lots of money selecting the perfect plant, tilling the soil and helping them to flourish. Plants inside the home have been shown to reduce indoor pollutants and freshen the air. Cut flowers from the florist can …

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Reading Cat Communication Signals

Cats are loving, affectionate pets, but they can also be one of the hardest animals to read when it comes to interpreting their moods and body language, particularly when you consider the dog, who is virtually an open book by comparison! However, cats use a whole range of different communication …

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Dealing with Canine Aggression

Sometimes in life there are no easy answers. Unfortunately, dealing with an aggressive dog is one of those times. A Difficult Problem Canine aggression is a difficult (but not impossible) problem to correct, but it requires immense patience and dedication on the part of the owner. It is also essential …

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Is Your Dog Stealing Your Snacks?

Your favorite soap is on TV. You settle on the sofa with that box of chocolates from Valentines, and invite Rover to snuggle beside you. Unfortunately, Rover snags a chocolate, and when you try to get it back, he growls. You heard chocolate is bad for dogs so you insist …

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How to Stop Your Dog’s Bothersome Barking

Mind-numbing, head-throbbing, teeth-on-edge excessive dog barking. Incessant barking affects not only you, but also your neighbors, and is a problem you need to get on top of FAST! Let’s make no bones about it: a well-established barking habit is a difficult problem to stop. There is no magic wand, no …

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Help! My Dog Doesn’t Like Me

Dogs love unconditionally. So how hurtful would it be if your dog didn’t like you? “We have a 5-month old Jack Russel cross who is gentle, friendly and playful to everyone she has met so far… This is great for everyone but us. She doesn’t enjoy it when we pet …

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