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Betrayal of Britain: Conclusion- Tomorrow

Where are the zealots of democracy, the fanatics of liberty, the taliban of the rule of law, pounding the internet and social media with their passion and selfless dedication to their cause – democracy and freedom, equal rights for women?

These ideals are hopefully common across most nations. The distinctions may include some of the notions noted above which may be less common. The length of time that these have been mainstays of the British way of life should be a source of immense pride for all in this country. We not only took these values to heart, we have fought and died for them again and again. From 1940 to 1941 we were the only nation left standing to defend these values. That does make us special. Now, they are not only under attack from those who disagree with them, but we are losing sight of them ourselves.

One hundred years on from so many making the ultimate sacrifice for their country and their democracy, it is only now that their deaths may have been in vain.

There will once again be a time where our politicians are the gifted voices of the people, expressing their hopes, understanding their needs, respecting all. Not with their snouts in the trough, but willing to forgo careers and offices of state because of principles rather than petty jealousies.

A new British covenant; a fresh understanding between us all.

Let us bury cynicism, not Great Britain.

We have an opportunity to reignite the passion of being British – resolved and united in our shared beliefs; devolved across nation and region; to rise again as the bastion of decency in the world.

If nothing else, this work evidences that the basis for constitutional change is at best uncertain. For the sake of the British people, for the sake of Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and the deepest desires of those committed to changing the principles of how the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland governs itself, the uncertainty should be resolved. Let the people re-assert the principle of consent. Let us debate our future together knowing that we have to convince not just those geographically or directly affected but a majority of all of us. We have done this before, we will do this again. We can change this country, we can change it for the better. We change it together.

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About John Hartigan

John Hartigan is author of Betrayal of Britain: How politics failed Great Britain in the early 21st Century now available on Amazon. Founder of the AskBritain movement to restore voters' rights to consent to constitutional change. He is a member of the Labour Party and candidate in local elections. His postgraduate research on the World War One volunteers was published in Midland History. He is an investment director and former bank manager.

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