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A haunting break

For most people the thought of unwanted ghostly visitors lurking in their hotel would send a shiver down the spine, but for others its half the fun. If cold spots, mysterious noises and ghoulish sights are your idea of the perfect holiday accommodation then a haunted break could make the ideal getaway.

Whether you’re a complete sceptic or an avid believer, a haunted holiday presents a welcome change from the more traditional resort-based holiday. To this end, travel firm Haunting Breaks was formed in 2004 in response to the growing interest in the paranormal created by TV programmes such as Living TV’s Most Haunted. The founders, Carol Bowen and Peter Turner, both have experience in this area and decided to create a niche travel company that offered paranormal enthusiasts the chance to experience some of the things that had been seen in the media at first hand.

If you’re a fervent history fan too, why not combine your interests and enjoy a taste of the Tudor lifestyle at Bolebroke Castle? This historic hunting lodge in Sussex featured in the film The Other Boleyn Girl and became the setting for Henry VIII’s courtship of Anne Boleyn. Haunting Breaks is offering a one-night stay in this historic building on 1 November 2008, from £140 per person. This truly memorable break will include dinner in Henry VIII’s great hall, overnight accommodation and breakfast.

Any ghost-hunters in the making shouldn’t be left disappointed as many ghostly sightings have been reported in the castle, including the figure of a headless women thought to be Anne Boleyn. If you’re feeling especially brave you can take part in a castle ghost hunt, which will feature dowsing, seances, table-tipping and glass divination.  If this isn’t enough to whet your appetite, Bolebroke Castle features stunning tapestries depicting scenes from the Tudor period, one of the finest Elizabethan staircases in existence and an exhibition devoted to Henry VIII.

If the prospect of grisly, phantom royals is too chilling an ordeal, you might prefer a stay in eerie mansion Gorse Hill. This Georgian mansion is set in 17 acres of Surrey countryside but hides a dark past. Formerly owned by a Lloyd’s underwriter who lost his fortune aboard the ill-fated vessel Titanic, the creepy house has been the setting for many reported strange occurrences throughout its history. Now it’s your turn to investigate. For the chance to become a real paranormal investigator for the night, Haunting Breaks is offering a one-night stay, including a paranormal investigation with a professional team including a psychic, dinner, breakfast and a paranormal discussion.

The event takes place on 9 August 2008 and prices start at £199 per person. All guests must be over 18 to go on all Haunting Breaks events and pregnant women are not permitted.

For a short break with a ghoulish difference, these one night haunting breaks could provide the perfect getaway…if you dare.  For more information visit .

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