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Why do they only demonstrate when Jews are at war?

What are the deadliest wars of the 21st Century? 1 The Syrian Civil War             2011-Present         535,000 deaths 2 War on Terror (including       2001-Present         493,500 deaths Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan) 3 War in Darfur                        2003-Present         286,827 deaths 4 Yemeni Civil War                  2014–Present        233,000+ deaths 5 Mexican Drug War                2006-Present         106,800 deaths By contrast the Arab-Israeli conflict since 1948 has killed only 116,000 …

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Betrayal of Britain Chapter 4- Britain lost in the world

Twelve thousand merchant seamen gave their lives in the Great War, or so said the memorial that the author stumbled upon walking back to the hotel in London one warm November night. As a self-proclaimed obsessive on most-things-historical and with a particular reverence for World War One, to still encounter a chilling …

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Reflecting on Owen Smith’s ISIS comments

Owen Smith is quickly proving only one thing: he is not up to the top job in Britain. Nor is he making a particularly persuasive case for why he should be the man to lead Labour into the 2020 General Election. I have decided not to write in any great …

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There are no safe spaces now

When did the SNP last support a war? Was it in 1314 or was it in 1745? They certainly didn’t support “England’s war” in 1939, nor as far as I recall have they supported any war since. Nicola Sturgeon might have pretended that she would listen to the arguments made …

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