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Why do they only demonstrate when Jews are at war?

What are the deadliest wars of the 21st Century? 1 The Syrian Civil War             2011-Present         535,000 deaths 2 War on Terror (including       2001-Present         493,500 deaths Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan) 3 War in Darfur                        2003-Present         286,827 deaths 4 Yemeni Civil War                  2014–Present        233,000+ deaths 5 Mexican Drug War                2006-Present         106,800 deaths By contrast the Arab-Israeli conflict since 1948 has killed only 116,000 …

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Getting out of the burning building

There is an establishment in British politics. What I mean by this is that there is a political consensus, for I don’t want to personify the word ‘establishment’ in a way that is not true. It may be that at one time there was a group of powerful people sitting …

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A United Kingdom constrained only by itself

Why do people choose to support leaving the EU? Why are others keen to remain? It might be that over the years we’ve all been weighing up the pros and cons. But I suspect this isn’t how most people reason. Rather someone who already supports remaining in the EU looks …

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Sorting the sheep from the goats

Until relatively recently most Christians in Europe thought that their beliefs could be imposed on others. There were religious wars between Catholics and Protestants in order to do this. At times the law said I had to practice Christianity in this way, at times it said I had to practice …

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