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Do not extend the Transition Period for Brexit

The decision on whether to extend the transition period must be made by 30th June.  Does it need extending? Barnier says that the biggest obstacle is that “the EU will not agree to any future partnership that does not include a balanced and long-term agreement on fisheries” (Euractiv).  If that …

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EU Talks – Time to walk?

I think it’s time we end the EU transition talks and get on with life outside the EU.  Read on. How would you define a nation? I guess, I’d start with ‘a land enclosed by internationally agreed borders’.  Then if it’s a coastal nation or an island, I’d extend those …

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Is Extending The Transition Period Worth It?

Over the past few weeks the world has appeared to be in a form of stasis but behind the scenes many things are rumbling along. The lights are kept on, vital supplies are delivered to where they’re most needed and the UK’s withdrawal from the EU continues. The vast bulk …

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