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Pound Recovers

Unlike the vast publicity given to the sharp, but relatively small, fall in the pound after the EU Referendum, the recent recovery of the pound has had little mention. The graph below charts this recovery: You can check this graph for yourself at XE.COM, a major commercial currency and foreign exchange …

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A Fair Trade Brexit

I was at a dinner party a couple of weeks ago, where I was asked how we could ensure Post-Brexit Free Trade Agreements could support developing countries, and not operate as a race to the bottom. I declared that Brexit was a golden opportunity to achieve this. The majority of …

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What the UK offers the Realms, Commonwealth & Wider World

I shan’t begin this article with another one of those long winded and pseudo-intellectual “Following Britains momentous decision to leave the European Union“, because it isn’t necessary. What appears to my mind to be most necessary is to explain why the UK matters to the World, Realms & Commonwealth. Even …

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We are not the sick man of Europe anymore. We are still a country to be reckoned with. Vote for independence.

Britain is no longer the sick man of Europe. You could be forgiven for thinking otherwise given the miserable, defeatist Remain rhetoric. It is the Eurozone that is sick. Sacrificed for the dream of a single European polity. France has erupted into riots and social upheaval over some very modest …

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Regaining our trade policy: Why we need agility

Britain needs to be agile, adaptable and able to act independently in an increasingly competitive, globalised world. When I say the EU is “cumbersome” I mean that due to the fact that the EU is a bloc of 28 countries all with their own interests, and the EU itself has …

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