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Terrorism: Time to leave the EU Counter Terrorism Strategy

The EU Counter Terrorism Strategy was adopted by Member States in 2005.   “Prevent” and de-radicalisation are essential features of this strategy. The EU Counter Terrorism Strategy was based on the idea that the Political Establishment has correct beliefs and that serious deviations from these are effectively a form of mental illness.  This …

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Weekly Terror Attacks Are Europe’s New Normal – For This, You Can Blame Angela Merkel And The Virtue Signallers

Terror is the new normal, and Europe’s progressive virtue-signallers must shoulder their share of the blame Douglas Murray has no time for a craven German government which prioritised the burnishing of its humanitarian credentials over the safety of its own citizens: The Thursday before last it was Nice.  But already …

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Bastille Day Terrorist Attack In Nice – The Enemy Which We Refuse To Name Strikes Again

As #PrayForNice trends on Twitter and another European city is plunged into terror and tragedy, what action have we taken to name, confront and defeat the evil which threatens us? The news and images coming from the French city of Nice on what should be the most celebratory of days for …

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