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Foreign aid harms both Britain and those who receive it

There are two reasons for cutting foreign aid and indeed abolishing it entirely. The first is that we cannot afford it. The second is that it harms those who receive it. Since David Cameron came to power there in 2010, there has been no austerity at all in Britain. Public spending in …

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Labour’s Cynical, Disingenuous National Debt Hysteria

Pot, meet kettle You’ve probably already seen them countless times over the course of this general election campaign – the smug, sanctimonious internet memes bandied about by Labour supporters and other left-wing activists excoriating the Conservatives for having presided over a massive increase in the national debt since taking office in …

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In Furious Denial Over The Failure Of Leftist Economic Policy, Owen Jones Misrepresents Conservatism

Owen Jones continues to use his Guardian column to peddle lies and misrepresentations about conservative economic policy, in a Herculean effort to save British leftists from having to come to terms with their failed economic policy dogma. In praise of John McDonnell’s unabashedly left-wing conference speech, Jones whines: It was a …

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The transfer of power and wealth from London to Brussels must stop

We at the Leave Alliance don’t like to spend too much time focusing on number crunching when it comes to building a case for leaving the EU. All of this pointless hot air about how each British family can “save £933” isn’t going to get us anywhere. The figures are …

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