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Labour Centrists Bend The Knee To Jeremy Corbyn, Once Again

No courage, no backbone, no vision of their own Telegraph sketchwriter Michael Deacon reports on the rapturous reception given to Jeremy Corbyn by the Parliamentary Labour Party when he entered the Commons yesterday: Labour MPs cheered Jeremy Corbyn. Genuinely. They really did. And when I say Labour MPs, I don’t …

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Stop Worshipping ‘Centrist’ Voters – They Are Responsible For Britain’s Woes

What exactly constitutes the political centre, anyway? Is it even a real thing? And why are we so in thrall to something so vague and ill-defined? The political centre ground: people talk about it all the time. It is meant to represent the silent majority, that great conclave of wise and …

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Mandatory Reselection Of MPs Should Be The Norm For British Political Parties, Not A Scandalous And Controversial Idea

MPs do not have a divine right to represent their constituencies forever once selected by their local party, Jeremy Corbyn is quite right to consider mandatory reselection for MPs and all political parties that profess to care about democracy should follow his lead The Telegraph leads today with a breathless …

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Owen Smith’s “Threat” To Theresa May Reveals The Arrogance Of The Left

Anyone can choose their words poorly under pressure. But the modern Left have made a habit of jumping on the verbal slips of other people and ruthlessly, cynically exploiting them for political gain using the weaponised language of identity politics. So forgive us for being less than sympathetic when one of …

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Many People In Britain Deserve Sympathy. Labour’s Centrist MPs Do Not.

– The sycophantic Westminster media identify and empathise much more with Labour’s centrist MPs than the ordinary people who make up the party membership. And it shows. In a rather nauseating review of Theresa May’s first outing in Prime Minister’s Questions, The Spectator’s Steerpike column gushes with sympathy for the …

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