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We must confront Anti-Semitism

This speech was originally given by the author in the House of Lords. My Lords, in a recent interview, my noble friend Lord Sacks said that, “The hate that begins with Jews never ends with Jews”. Anti-Semitism is a virus that singles out Jews but which then spreads its hateful …

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Tolerance must tolerate even mockery or else be intolerance

Like everyone else I tend to avoid writing about Islam. The events of the past week show why. Many people still care deeply about religion even if Britain is for the most part secular. We live in a country with people from many backgrounds and with very different beliefs. We …

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Two Supreme Laws

There is a lot of angst and conflict on behalf of different religions. This is unfortunate as a good amount of conflict may be done in the name of God, when it is driven by the ulterior motives of a man. If God [a.k.a. insert deity] is infallible and man …

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