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The HS2 Project is madness

We’ve all know about HS2, that £50bn and rising vanity project of not only the government but town planners, business leaders and any other vested interests. HS2 is a plan for such groups to feast in the spoils to come from the desecration of the swathe of England it will …

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The Thames Hub – Policy Review

When I wrote my article on the Conservative Manifesto Mr. Ian Pye commented that he was in favour of building an entirely new airport in the Thames Estuary, instead of the third runway at Heathrow. I admitted it would be a better option if it was feasible, but believed the …

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An Open Letter to the Conservatives- Hold your nerve and enact Conservative policies.

Dear Conservatives: I am getting increasingly concerned at the ideas and suggestions coming out of Philip Hammond’s Treasury not least of which is the very un- Conservative idea of increasing taxes to fund the cessation of so called austerity. Conservatives don’t increase taxes, they reduce them. Historically that is our …

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What the UK offers the Realms, Commonwealth & Wider World

I shan’t begin this article with another one of those long winded and pseudo-intellectual “Following Britains momentous decision to leave the European Union“, because it isn’t necessary. What appears to my mind to be most necessary is to explain why the UK matters to the World, Realms & Commonwealth. Even …

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