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Sabre Rockets and Fusion Power: The answer to more than global warming.

Now that the UK is independent again it is crucial that the government backs the right projects for our future.  There are three large engineering projects that need special attention:  the Spherical Tokamak, the Sabre Reaction Engine and HS2. All three should be progressed by ensuring that British companies get …

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The EU is useless at negotiating Free Trade Agreements

The Remain campaign, both before and after the referendum, have long argued that being part of the European Union’s Single Market and Custom’s Union benefits our non-EU trade. They argue that we benefit from the “clout” of being part of a large bloc, that goes around the world negotiating multiple …

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Good news in Zimbabwe! Now Britain and the Commonwealth must stand ready to help if needed.

Finally. The evil despot Robert Mugabe has been deposed and the scenes of joy on display in Zimbabwe have been truly heart warming. Gone is the man who drove his country to have starving trillionaires and 95% unemployment. Gone is the man who drove his country to have the world’s …

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#Brexit is the Future

Tony Blair, to use the words of David Cameron in his first Prime Minister’s Questions in 2005, “was the future once“. In his last Prime Minister’s Questions, David Cameron admitted that he too was the future once. Nick Clegg was the future once- for a brief time in 2010. Ken …

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