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Managing immigration with the EEA: The Liechtenstein solution

One of the most important issues in the post-referendum debate on Brexit is whether or not we should remain in the Single Market to facilitate negotiations and ease our transition. The clear, sensible and rational answer to this is “yes”. However, it is assumed that we would have to accept …

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Brexit cannot be achieved on an anti-immigration platform

I believe it is a grave mistake to imagine that the referendum can be won on an anti-immigration ticket. It is for the most part only a minority of people that believe otherwise, yet they are an extremely vocal and aggressive group who are more politically active than many, giving …

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The EEA “emergency brake”

Amongst all the huffing and puffing of David Cameron trying and failing to get an “emergency brake” on free movement, and coming back with the possibility of minor restrictions on migrant welfare, it has not been reported or discussed that non-EU EEA states actually do have an emergency brake. What …

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