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The Daily Globe #Brexit Manifesto

Winning the referendum was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I’ve been fighting for Brexit for a long time and winning was one the grandest of satisfactions. I see fantastic opportunities for the post-Brexit United Kingdom. However, before those Brexit opportunities are realised we need to address the …

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Worried Remainers Are Now Desperately Attacking The Norway Option For A Reason

By openly slandering the EFTA/EEA “Norway Option” for achieving Brexit in the event of a Leave vote, the Remain campaign and their allies in the media show that they are terrified of this sensible approach The Guardian is, of course, desperate for Britain to remain in the European Union. The vast …

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A doomsday Brexit scenario would be terrible for Britain and the EU, which is why it won’t happen

My position on leaving the EU is clear, as is the way I believe we should go about it. The new relationship I propose we negotiate to facilitate our “soft landing” in a phased secession from political and judicial union with the EU is both realistic and pragmatic. Crucially, it …

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The Market Solution for Leaving the EU- Part I: A Soft Landing

In seeking to achieve a Leave vote in the EU referendum there are two essential facts that campaigners need to understand and accept if they are to contribute to victory. First of all, that leaving the European Union is a process (a complex one at that) not an event. It …

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Europhile Myths Debunked

There are a number of central claims to the Remain campaign. They are easily dismantled with the right analysis and the proper arguments. “3.5 million British jobs are directly linked to British membership of the European Union– 1 in 10 British jobs.” It is dishonest to say jobs depend on …

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