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How to: buy a used car

There’s a lot of financial sense in buying a second hand car, rather than a brand new one. You avoid the steep depreciation of a car’s early life, which means you can buy a lot cheaper or get a lot more in terms of power or features for your money. …

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How to find bargains online

How to find the best bargains online Get shop-savvy with these top tips for getting the best value online. Before you do anything, do your research. If you feel you need to see and touch a specific product before you buy it, go and find it in a store. Choose …

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Children lose out on trust fund

The Child Trust Fund (CTF) celebrated its second birthday this year, but government figures show that nearly a quarter of CTF vouchers issued are not being invested by parents within the 12-month timeframe. Collectively, this means that children are losing out on a potential £7.5 million worth of investment growth. …

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Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Nobody likes to think of the inevitable, which is probably why so many people have not made a last will and testament. Making a will is probably one of the most important things you could ever do for your family or co-habiting partner. Almost half of our retired population die …

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Foggy on your finances?

Do you frequently tuck unopened bank statements away in a drawer? Do you refuse to get a receipt from the ATM when withdrawing cash because you don’t want to see the cold reality of what your bank balance really is? Or are you scared to look at your credit card …

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