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Great news: UK-EU Trade heading in the right direction.

Large economies like the EU Single Market all tend to produce goods and services near the financial centre of the economy or, in the case of very large countries, in two or three economic centres.  Having been produced centrally the goods are then sometimes finished locally or distributed from local …

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The Damaging Effect of EU Ownership of UK Industry

We have all read how Foreign and EU companies have been buying up UK companies (See Selling off Britain is not a sign of strength.. and Independent Article). How much does this cost the UK?  What does it cost you and me? Foreign owned UK companies accounted for 50% of all UK business turnover in …

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The Eurozone Trojan Horse

The UK has a trade deficit with the Eurozone of about 90 billion euros per annum.  The Eurozone has a trade surplus with the world in general of about 200 billion euros pa so the UK supplies almost half of the Eurozone trade surplus. When pundits praise the Eurozone for its trade surplus …

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A Fair Trade Brexit

I was at a dinner party a couple of weeks ago, where I was asked how we could ensure Post-Brexit Free Trade Agreements could support developing countries, and not operate as a race to the bottom. I declared that Brexit was a golden opportunity to achieve this. The majority of …

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