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An Overview of the EU

Workers’ rights: The UK does not depend on the EU for workers rights. Trade Unions became legal in the UK in 1871; Modern Pensions began in 1908; Holiday Pay was introduced in 1938; Equal pay was introduced in 1970; Race Discrimination Act was introduced in 1965; Sex Discrimination act was …

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The Vice-President of the European Parliament says Cameron’s deal is not binding

‘Who counts as the “the European Union” here? Member state leaders have met within the framework of the European Council, but their agreement is in no way a document of the European Union, but a text of hybrid character, which is unspecified and not legally binding.’ Alexander Graf Lambsdorff is …

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The EU is moving towards its final destination, it’s time for us to depart and choose a different track

“If the British cannot support the trend to more integration in Europe, we can nevertheless remain friends, but on a different basis. I could imagine a form such as a European economic area or a free trade agreement.” – Jacques Delors in 2012 If an ideologically devoted European federalist like …

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#Davesdodgydeal – Cameron is selling a lie and getting away with it

“This spectacle has surely been the perfect realisation of his prognosis for postmodern society: the point at which politics is completely supplanted by political communication.” David Cameron promised to reform the EU, he failed miserably. He promised to fundamentally change the UK’s relationship with the EU, repatriating powers and achieving …

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Cameron’s EU deal is a total fraud

The European Council Conclusions  are the sum total of years of promises from the prime minister. We were promised treaty change and we were promised a reformed EU instead we have neither and we are being taken for fools. The final agreement between the EU and the UK is being purposely …

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The EU will not reform for us, nor should it, so get real!

If the sight of our prime minister going round with a begging bowl to every Member State of the EU in order to be able to achieve some piffling tweaks of policy, and actually failing to achieve his aims and having to accept less, doesn’t give you serious pause for thought; …

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