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Let’s Celebrate St. George’s Day and be proud of our English identity

The time has come to reforge what it means to be English and celebrate our long island story. Those of us who are truly good citizens of England understand that our ethnic and nationality identity has been under constant attack. To many on the Left, Englishness is a source of …

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Green and Pleasant Land: Requiem For a Forgotten Britain

Imagine the quintessential English countryside. It is a beautifully sunny day. Birds flit along the hedgerows. A farmer, in shirt and flat cap, steers a plough pulled by a sturdy Shire horse. He stops and wipes his brow with the back of his hand. Church bells quietly peal in the …

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Chapter 2- Forgotten Great Britain

Great Britain has been forgotten before. Without a hint of irony, the world, academics, politics and most of its citizens called the UK “England” for most of its history. Even the great historian AJP Taylor recited his English History without the slightest embarrassment that the story he was retelling was …

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