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Its (Not) All About The Money: 2020 – UK & Commonwealth Vision Introduction

The Brexit debate has been monopolised by the focus on how the future EU-UK relationship will function, or not function, as the case may be. Despite the mass use of time and effort, not much has been fleshed out. As such, as we approach Brexit Day, we must examine the …

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No Surrender!

Another day, another cave by Theresa May. Today, it appears that Theresa May is willing to keep the entire UK bound in perpetuity to the EU Customs Union.  It also appears the Prime Minister has plans to betray her allies in the DUP and Northern Ireland by having EU regulations …

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Brexit Means a New Britain, an Innovator in Trade, Diplomacy and Development.

The Department for International Development has seen an increase in its size over recent years as the British government attempts to invest at least 0.7% of government spending into its budget. The same is for the Foreign Office which receives £1.1 billion annually and the department for international trade which …

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