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The Cover Up for COVID is worse than the disease, much worse

Why is the origin of COVID being suppressed in the media?  There is clearly a joint effort by China and the US National Institute of Health (NIH) to stop a full exposé of how COVID was made in a laboratory.  Why are they shutting down this issue?  The immediate answer …

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A long overdue welcome to “Freedom Day”

It is welcome that all COVID restrictions in England (barring international travel and self-isolating requirements upon being “pinged” by the NHS app – which goes away on the 16th of August for those fully vaccinated and under 18) FINALLY go away today. Frankly, the restrictions have gone on way too …

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Are Astra Zeneca Vaccine Reactions a Scapegoat for the EU?

I once spent several months operating the adverse reactions database for a major pharmaceutical company.  Most drugs and vaccines had at least one death associated with their use such as anaphylaxis or skin rashes so terrible that the patient died.  When millions of people are exposed to any novel substance …

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EU covers slow vaccine approval with spats against drug companies.

It now seems that the EU’s European Medicines Agency may approve the Astra Zeneca vaccine at the end of January.   They also delayed approval of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine by almost a month compared with other countries.  The slow approval process means that the drug companies invested in countries such as  India and the …

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SNP mismanagement is killing Scots

My mother is nearly 88. She has yet to receive an invitation for a Covid vaccination. I hope it comes soon. The risk to her comes entirely from me. She has hardly left the house since March, but I have to go shopping. If I caught Covid on one of …

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Clapping – a Confession

A confession – I ‘clapped for Carers’ for a couple of weeks.  Wasn’t really that comfortable doing so – it’s not really a thing the English do but I did it. Another confession – I don’t ‘clap for Carers’ anymore. I feel better having got that off of my chest.  …

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