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Plan B for Brexit

Any “Plan B” for Brexit must take account of the Referendum result.  The 2016 EU Referendum in the UK was held to determine whether the UK desired to Remain in or Leave the European Union. The result of the Referendum was a convincing majority to Leave the EU in England …

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A Fair Trade Brexit

I was at a dinner party a couple of weeks ago, where I was asked how we could ensure Post-Brexit Free Trade Agreements could support developing countries, and not operate as a race to the bottom. I declared that Brexit was a golden opportunity to achieve this. The majority of …

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A View of What “Out” Looks Like- Part 1

It has been outlined before that the aim of this site is to explore arguments around the forthcoming EU referendum, helping people to make a decision based in complete information. So far, the campaign had been dominated by “official” information from the government’s position labelled as Project Fear. Exports will …

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