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Illegal migration is the biggest threat we face

A nation is defined by its borders. Without delineation between that which is within the nation, and that which is without, there is no nation. President Trump, on a visit to Poland, once opined that the question of our age was whether the West had the will to survive, and …

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‘X’ does not mark the spot

The current turmoil over Brexit seems to fit the textbook definition of a pyrrhic victory. No matter what side prevails, for all the gains made, the losses will be heavy. To some extent, all sides will have lost face. The government will have lost face with the majority of voters …

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Considering Project Fear’s No Deal Brexit Plans

Earlier last week, we found out that May had finally decided to get planning for a No Deal Brexit. This was something Brexiteers were very eager for – everybody felt that now, after two years, perhaps we could finally get somewhere and achieve what we had voted for. Perhaps now …

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Killing The ‘Friendly Giant’

When I was a student hip deep in the study of third-year politics, I remember attending a class on public administration. I cannot tell you the date and time, but I recall one particular lecture that covered a subject that has stuck with me to this day. It was a …

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Bungling over #Brexit, or Neofunctionalism in Action

We are creatures of habit – every one of us. When given a choice between the predicable and the speculative, we lean toward the familiar. Part of it is ingrained in our nature. Despite our rhetoric where we congratulate the bold and the innovative, the so-called ‘risk takers’, we are …

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The Globe at the Weekend #Podcast- Episode 15

This is the Globe at the weekend podcast featuring Ted Yarbrough and Isaac Anderson for 9 February 2018. The podcast summarised Jacob Rees-Mogg and the rise of ‘Moggmentum’, Bias in the Civil Service, The NHS Winter Crisis and ideas for NHS Reform, and concluded with a discussion on Knife Crime …

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