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Save with Green Wheels

Consumers are getting used to making greener choices for the home, with 80 per cent of the British public saying that they factor in “greenness” when weighing up brands. However, the nation’s car buying habits are distinctly lacking when it comes to more eco-conscious cars. One online reverse auction website, …

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How to: play your cards right with the dealer

If you have decided that you want to step into a brand new car with its unique new smell, pristine bodywork and interior and only a few delivery miles on the clock, you have several sources – a dealer, importing or a car broker. And at none of these should …

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How to: find the right car finance

It may be that you are a City whizz-kid with a nice fat annual bonus with which to buy a car. You may be of sufficient means to dip into your bank account, or you may have had the foresight to save up the many thousands needed. But for most …

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How to: Check Before You Buy

It makes sense to have a second hand car’s condition verified by an independent inspection. But it’s not a cheap business and you could save yourself some grief by carrying out your own thorough check first, to spot any obvious problems, before the experts move in. So you have your …

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