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The BBC: A threat to all of us?

During the Referendum campaign and the three years that followed many supporters of British Independence cursed the BBC News and found it to be biased.  The Remain campaign realised that this was a threat and made counter accusations to provide the BBC with apparent evidence that by offending both sides …

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Impartial Journalism in a Polarised World

The BBC has recently produced a programme called “Impartial Journalism in a Polarised World”, created by James Harding, which discusses how they are being challenged by alternative sources of news.  Organisations like the BBC portray themselves as heroes battling against a tide of disinformation but how far is this the …

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BBC News Suppression

The BBC suppresses any news that favours leaving the EU. Check these links to find out what the BBC should have told the nation: Nothing in the Belfast Agreement requires European Union Membership Imports from Calais Ports of Entry in NI Barnier preferred Canada Plus  Racism in the EU Trade …

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A few reflections on an historic referendum result

Joyous tears, sleepless nights and a fair few units of alcohol later, the result of Britain’s EU referendum has finally sunk in. In truth, I feel pretty numb. I played a part (however modest the role) in changing the course of British and European history, in salvaging our plundered democracy …

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