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An Overview of #GE2017

So, here we go again. The politics of the United Kingdom are centre stage once again. Scottish independence Referendum 2014, UK General Election 2015, EU Referendum 2016 and now, UK General Election 2017. Introduction The one in Scotland was the ‘once in a generation’ Referendum you may remember but SNP …

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The popular image of American gun owners is wrong

Every day I get up and put on a gun. It’s part of my normal life. It’s part of my daily routine. No different than making coffee or feeding the dogs before I leave for work. These days there is so much misinformation on who that makes “me.” I’m a …

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Britain must lead the Liberal Reformation

The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost. Liberals and liberalism are on the retreat. The western world that has politically changed little in three decades has been sent a tremendous …

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Criminal Justice in 2016

In light of Michael Gove’s criminal justice reforms, it’s worth taking a look at how criminal justice and criminal justice reform operates in the United States. Andy Hatfield, a lawyer in America, offers this perspective. Few places felt the turbulence of criminal justice reform in 2015 more than my hometown …

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