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Grow Your Garden’s Value

When most of us want to sell our home we focus on what we can do inside it, but the difference you make on the outside can prove extremely profitable. A well-kept garden can be a growing investment for your property, boosting its value by up to 10 per cent, according to garden maintenance firm Nicenstripy.

Demand for outdoor space has never been greater and, with a little maintenance, your garden could even be the determining factor in a sale.

By following these few simple tips your garden could soon become the crowning glory of your property

1. Keep it tidy

Whether you’ve got 10 square feet or half an acre, nothing screams “dump” like an untidy garden. Don’t be fooled into thinking you will be able to impress prospective buyers with your “nature reserve” when things have grown wild. Keep on top of the mowing and trimming and this will also make your garden look bigger.

2. Revamp

Garden gnomes and other ornamental garden figures are a big no-no. What may look whimsical and cute to you will definitely look outdated and rather strange to others. Above all, apply the minimalist rule to your garden revamp and you won’t go far wrong. Ask for advice on the latest plants and flowers at your local garden centre to drag your garden into the 21st century.

3. Garden furniture

If you have a reasonable sized garden, a few carefully chosen items of garden furniture would not go amiss and might help buyers to imagine how they would enjoy the place. A strategically placed sun lounger or garden table can add a lived-in feel that will appeal to potential buyers.

4. Avoid fussy features

Ponds, statues and elaborate water features might sound nice but are generally hard work to maintain and can look tacky. Abide by the rule, “if in doubt, don’t” and avoid any embarrassing green-fingered faux pas.

5. Practically perfect

Think practically. Try to tailor your garden to suit the type of people it’s aimed at. For family appeal create a garden with plenty of lawn space for children to play on. If your property is aimed at single people living on their own, try to create a low-maintenance garden.

6. De-clutter

No one likes seeing a load of kids’ or pets’ toys spread all over the lawn. Build a shed or find somewhere to hide clutter. If you don’t have a lot of space, then you can buy cheap garden storage units from DIY stores.

7. Eco-friendly

With such a huge focus on green living at the moment, your garden is the first place you can do this. You can recycle virtually everything in your garden. Set up a compost heap and impress potential buyers with how clued up you are on green issues.

8. Make it low maintenance

Unless you are a very keen gardener, you won’t want to spend hours on your garden every day. When planning and building your garden, deliberately make it low maintenance. Choose plants that only need attention now and again, and features that only need annual servicing.

9. Pretty borders

One of the fastest ways to tidy up a border is with some colourful plants and shrubs, but don’t be fooled into buying lots of different varieties as this will only make your garden look disorderly and chaotic. Pansies, hydrangeas, peonies and chrysanthemums all make great border plants.

10. Go professional

If gardening isn’t your thing then just hire a professional. There are many garden mowing firms that will visit your home regularly, or local gardeners who will be happy to do the work for you. Think of it as an investment in the future value of your home.

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