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Wine One ‘o’ One

Foster Reisz is a captivating individual, and the wine world is lucky to have him. He has been recommending wine to Upper Eastsiders at Eastside Cellars since September of 2013 but his passion for wine is only half the story. If you look closely and don’t blink, you’ll find the back of his head in many American TV shows including Blue Bloods, Making a Scene with James Franco, Wizard of Lies and a few short films.

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Elisa: What’s the first thing you thought of this morning?
Foster: Where did the other ear plug go? I woke up this morning with one ear plug in. I still didn’t find it.

E: What is one thing you always carry with you?

F: Something else I always carry is blotting sheets, Chapstick and nail clippers. You never know when you’ll have a hangnail.

E: What’s your favorite fashion trend of all time?

F: It’s a yearly trend. Fall fashion, scarves, gloves, etc; being able to wear 5 things that are all black instead of just 2.

E: Do you ever worry that black fabrics sometimes don’t match?

F: Yes, because fabric does fade. But then you can just say it’s vintage. VIntage is forever.

E: How many wine glasses can you carry in your hands at once?

F: depends on the size really but…I’d say if it’s a small tasting glass, 15 if it’s bigger 7.

F: Wine bottles; 7 – although that wasn’t the question.

E: Do you believe in free will or destiny?

F: Well, Free will because free can supersede destiny.

E: Describe New York in three words:

F: Whirlwind, Contrasting, Resourceful.

E: What is your favorite wine right now?

F: I’m really liking stuff from the Jura, France because it has the lighter style reds with depth. The Produttori del Barbaresco 2011 is drinking exceptionally right now. Don’t worry about food pairing, the only thing you need is a wine glass. Although, white truffles are nice.

E: What question do you hate being asked the most?

F: Do you have a good Pinot Grigio? I hate Pinot Grigio. Well, I don’t hate it, but there are so many better wines. People need to venture out.

E: If you could ask Beethoven one question what would it be?

F: I would ask him which of his pieces best match my personality.

F: That sounds so self-centered.

E: You love it.

E: Which actor living or dead would you love to collaborate with?

F: Arnold Schwarzenegger circa Running Man, Total Recall, Terminator 2, and True Lies. I loved that Arnold era. James Dean in East of Eden – that was just a beautiful movie.

E: You’re such a hoot!!! Thank you, Foster!

About Elisa Crye

Elisa began her career in Pastry at the Michelin starred Takashi in Chicago. Shortly after she earned a B.A.S. in Hospitality Mgmt specializing in Culinary Arts and Event Planning. In 2013 Elisa moved to New York City. While in New York, Elisa has lent her talents to several Michelin recognized restaurants while still making time to savor and imbibe.

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