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The English Breakfast

There are many wonderful gastronomic phenomenons about France, but breakfast is not one of them. A croissant is not empire food. A hearty English breakfast is empire food. Go to war on a croissant for breakfast, and it will most likely be the guillotine for you.

The idea of a true English breakfast is unique but it is a tradition that began in the 13th century and may be the only lasting gastronomic tradition that is now international.

The English gentry were a distinct social class who took it upon themselves to preserve their values, traditional practices and cuisine of the English lifestyle. The gentry loved their breakfast feasts. It was traditional Anglo-Saxon hospitality to not only show off  wealth to family, friends, neighbors and guests but, it provided a hearty start to the day before going out on a hunt or long trip across country.  

By the time of Queen Victoria, the gentry was declining but the English breakfast was still thought of as the most civilised way to begin the day. Now known as a ‘fry up’ amongst the hip of London, the English breakfast consists of bacon, two slings of English sausage, two fried eggs, beans, and toast. And don’t forget the marmalade! Sounds very familiar to me. Although, hashbrowns are missing. Lets thank the Irish for breakfast potatoes.  

For a delicious English style breakfast in the big apple visit Public , The Smile or Dudleys. New Yorkers if in London make sure to stop in and get your breakfast fix at Egg Break!  

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Elisa began her career in Pastry at the Michelin starred Takashi in Chicago. Shortly after she earned a B.A.S. in Hospitality Mgmt specializing in Culinary Arts and Event Planning. In 2013 Elisa moved to New York City. While in New York, Elisa has lent her talents to several Michelin recognized restaurants while still making time to savor and imbibe.

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