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Worried about the GOP

So it is to be President Trump.

Like many others, I didn’t foresee this, except that looking at the attendance at his rallies and those at Hillary Clinton’s, as well as the views expressed on my Twitter timeline, it was clear to me that he was always going to do better than the heavily biased main stream media (MSM) were projecting.  Of course my Twittersphere is bound to lean more towards GOP so …

Trump wouldn’t have been my choice for the GOP candidate.  That was Ted Cruz.  It was discouraging to see that many of the other GOP Primary candidates didn’t get behind Trump in the run-up to the election, though Cruz did have the grace and class, to actively campaign from the Trump/Pence ticket.  Hope for the future, I trust.

In writing this, I was tempted to ignore the post-election whining from the losing Democrat Party and its supporters in the MSM, however, that would be remiss of me.

Just as with Brexit, in the UK, so the ‘experts’ are analysing and ‘slicing and dicing’ the results to see why they got it so wrong.  Here is my advice to them.  Review your own output, see just how much of it was media and people inside the election bubble, talking and pontificating to themselves rather than talking to real people.  It was always ridiculous and incredibly over-simplistic to simply label Trump’s supporters as racists, xenophobes, sexists, misogynists and uneducated.

These people simply didn’t buy into the ‘political correctness’ that says that love of your own country makes you a racist or makes you automatically hate any and all foreigners.  That supporting Trump, who was accused of long-ago sexual assaults, makes you a sexist woman-hater.  These people were concerned about the economy (Bill Clinton had it right with ‘It’s the economy, stupid’)  they saw jobs continuing to bleed to cheaper labour countries.  They saw that globalisation just wasn’t benefiting them or their children.  That Obama’s jobless numbers were fake or at best mis-leading.  They heard that the level of economically inactive had climbed, significantly. Simply put, if there was economic growth – they were not seeing or feeling it.  Belatedly, the MSM have woken-up and started asking steel workers in Pennsylvania towns that have been decimated by cheap imports and coal miners that have been impacted by mine closures brought about by unproven climate pseudo-science, why did they vote Trump?  These people then tell them what they could have known months ago, had they gotten out of their ‘bubble’.

At some point, these ‘journalists’ and the pollsters will also get around to asking minorities  why they voted in such numbers for Trump.  The narrative that these minorities had so much to fear from Trump was clearly ignored by the people, themselves.

It is interesting listening to the comments of some of the losing Democrats.  I hear strong echoes of the UK Labour party after their somewhat surprising 2015 General Election loss.  Especially, when they say ‘we lost because weren’t left-wing enough’.

No, no, no!  Hillary Clinton lost and other Democrat party candidates lost in House and Senate and Gubernatorial races because you were too left wing and you simply had nothing to say to Americans, that they wanted to hear.  Telling a Veteran that the USA needs to bring in more refugees and give them $1,700 a month, when the Veteran gets less than $1,200 is, I would suggest, NEVER going to get that Veteran’s vote.

Of course, a major factor in Clinton’s loss is very likely to come down to trust.  She was seen as corrupt and being protected by the ‘elite establishment’.  I wonder just how many of the young people protesting have ever read any information on Hillary?

  • How she defended a child rapist and destroyed, on the stand, his victim?
  • How she was fired from one of the Watergate investigations because of her dishonesty?
  • How $6 billion is unaccounted for, from her time as Secretary of State?
  • How she stood in front of the coffins of the 4 dead from Benghazi and lied to the families, when she blamed a video while knowing the cause was the Obama administration’s abandonment of its own people?
  • How it is that so many people around her die in what can only be called ‘suspicious’ circumstances (try Vince Foster, just for one)?
  • How, while Secretary of State, she solicited significant contributions for the Clinton Foundation?
  • How she has taken large speaking fees from Wall Street firms while pretending to be the voice for the little man?
  • How she deleted e-mails from her illegally used private server?
  • How she colluded with others in the Democrat National Committee, to cheat and work against Bernie Saunders and then, with the aid of a compliant MSM, cheated on the Presidential Debates?

The list goes on and on.

Frankly put, America dodged a bullet.

It is important though that President Trump ignores the siren calls of those who say that it is time to heal the nation and that fulfilling his campaign pledge to ‘lock her up’ would be divisive.  President Trump must appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton.  Some of the work will be to go over already ploughed land but that’s okay. She shouldn’t be cut any slack.  Remember General Petraeus wasn’t!  Democrats continue to castigate the FBI and its Director Comey. My beef with him is how, after detailing, back in June/July, blatant law-breaking by Clinton, as regards her illegal use of her personal server, he then said there would be no prosecutions.   Note to MSM and Pollsters – another reason why Americans didn’t vote for Hillary – they don’t like the ‘one law for them, another for us’ that was plain to see.

So, finally, I get to the subject matter!

I am really happy that America has a Republican President, Republican House and Republican Senate.  I am though a little worried.

My worry is that the House and Senate include Republicans that are RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and they will be scared to implement full-throated conservative policies.  That they will ignore the clear steer that they have had from the people of America, that America wants a roll-back of the state and an end to the cancerous policy of political correctness.  That they will, out of self-interest, seek to ‘water-down’ term limit legislation.  That they will forget that America has elected them to represent the interests of Americans – first, second and third.  That they will weaken the repeal of Obamacare – the non-affordable Affordable Care Act.  That they will continue to fund Planned Parenthood – a grossly mis-named organisation if ever there was one.

There’s lot to be done and all three – President, House and Senate – need to hit the ground running.  The next two years are critical – economic regeneration policies need to be implemented, without delay, so that they have a chance to bear fruit by the time of the next round of elections.  Similarly, the appointment of a replacement for Justice Scalia, needs to be fast tracked.   Who knows, maybe Ted Cruz would be a candidate?  As an ardent constitutionalist and great orator, he would certainly add great weight to the Supreme Court (and some needed youth!)

So to President Trump and Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McConnell, I say, get moving now.  America and the World needs leadership, no more dithering, no more leftist leanings, no more pandering to every ‘wack-job’ group. Strong leadership and positive action to return the free world to the conservative path.  You have around 70 days to plan the strategy and then, come January 20, 2017, you start implementing and doing so, mercilessly.  There’s no time for half-heartedness or seeking to build a consensus – get on with the job you were elected to do!

To those that still want to protest – carry on, that’s your right but understand that if you break the law, then you will face the consequences – that’s what living in a democracy means.  And if or when you post tweets advocating the assassination of the President-elect, don’t be surprised if you feel the hands of the Secret Service on your shoulder! Incidentally, how come Clint Eastwood, a Trump supporter, is banned from Twitter by Twitter, but not these criminal hate-mongers and anti-democrats.

This post was originally published by the author 11 November 2016:

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