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Why Socialism Occupies the Moral Low Ground

Socialism occupies the moral low ground in every way.

  • They expropriate what successful people have worked for. Socialism is based on all people being equally poor, with everything possible being owned by the state. The only way to achieve this is to expropriate (steal) from rich people. You can see this in just about every socialist speech and manifesto. Politics of envy. The 1%. The haves and have nots. What they don’t tell you is that most millionaires and billionaires are self made. If you aren’t rich it’s down to your own inadequacies. Rich people are rich because they have enterprise, they work hard, they take risks with their money and they succeed. If the state steals what the rich work for then why should they bother with all this effort? So under Socialism they don’t. So no wealth is generated. So everyone is worse off. Socialism makes the whole nation a lot poorer. And when the successful people are punished by expropriation for being successful they often vote with their feet and move to where they aren’t punished. At least a million high earning Brits have currently left the country, to work, achieve and pay taxes in fairer societies, where they are allowed to keep an equitable share of what they have worked for. You will find them in Dubai, Singapore, Gibraltar, Malta, Monaco, the Caribbean, Hong Kong and many other places. Meanwhile socialist countries still have a 1%. Families like the Castros in Cuba, Chavez in Venezuela and Kim in North Korea live in amazing luxury, whilst the 99% in those countries live in abject poverty. But the difference is that the Socialist 1% haven’t earned their wealth, they have stolen it.
  • They lie all the time because if they told the truth nobody would vote for them. Gordon Brown said no more new taxes, he said no more boom and bust. He was lying and he knew it. Tony Blair said that Iraq could deploy biological weapons within 45 minutes. He was lying and he knew it. Jeremy Corbyn said that the state would pay university tuition fees and pay off all student debt. He was lying and he knew it. In fact Socialists always promise lots of “free” stuff without explaining how they would pay for it, other than totally fictitious made up figures. They never deliver their promises and they always destroy the economy in trying to. They find that there is no magic money tree and there is no government money, just taxpayer’s money. So their promises are lies. The truth is that socialism has been tried, in many flavours, hundreds of times, in nations, in individual towns and cities, in communes. And every single time it has failed. And every single time it has brought harm to people. You can’t expect politicians to tell you they will harm you, which is what Socialists would have to do if they told the truth.
  • Their cult is authoritarian and is based around the state ownership of people. Socialism is about central control. The government in the centre owning everything and telling everyone what to do. By intimidation, punishments and violence if necessary.  Which school they go to, where they live, which job they have, how much money they are allowed. They would tell you when to have sex if they were able to administer it. So each individual person is the property of the state and must do exactly as they are told, or suffer punishment. All freedoms, such as freedom of speech, freedom of movement and artistic freedom are severely curtailed or removed. Just look at how socialists like Hitler and Stalin only allowed artists that they approved of. This lack of freedom means that ordinary people always try to leave socialist regimes, to escape the lefty oppression. And the state tries to stop them. In Attlee’s Britain you could leave the country, but you couldn’t take any of the money you had earned with you, but still people went. In the Soviet Union and their Eastern Europe allies they built walls and electrified fences to keep their people from leaving and they killed very many who tried to leave.
  • Their evil dogma has killed well over 100 million innocent people. Socialism is called many different things, one of which is Communism. This is just Socialism installed and enforced by violent use of arms instead of by voting. And Hitler was a Socialist (click here), he said so many times and his political party was called the National Socialists. Under Socialism governments just see people as dispensable pawns to be owned, used and controlled, not as individual sentient human beings with hopes aspirations and dreams. So people become disposable, on the grand scale. In 1932-3 Stalin removed all the food from Ukraine and between 7 and 10 million people died. Just one small event on the road of Socialist slaughter that has seen somewhere between 100 million and 200 million innocent people killed by their own governments. It always amazes when you see dim people and students flourishing Communist symbols, they obviously approve of this sort of mass murder.
  • They seek to enforce their creed on everyone. With Socialism it’s all or nothing. It has to be enforced on every single person if it is to be implemented. It is highly authoritarian. And their compulsions forced on all aspects of our lives are oppressive and always fail. This is because everything that government does it does badly, a truism we are all familiar with. Yet Socialism is just a lot more government, so it is a whole lot more done badly. If it had to compete with a free market alternative nobody would use it. So the Socialist British NHS is pretty awful (click here) compared to most other first world countries. But everyone must pay into it, you are not allowed to pay your money into a free market alternative instead. Because if there were free market alternatives to switch your contribution to there would be no NHS, everyone would desert it. So Socialist goods and services have to be monopolies. And they are truly awful. They don’t have to look after the customer, so they don’t. They don’t have to be efficient, so they aren’t. When Britain had many nationalised industries; steel, coal, electricity, post office, rail. etc they were all abysmal and they dragged down the economy for everyone whilst providing execrable experiences for consumers of their abysmal efforts. Margaret Thatcher’s privatisations were one of the best things to ever happen to the British public and the British economy. We must all be grateful to her (click here).

So as you can see Socialism is utterly immoral.

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