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The SNP must stay out of schools

Parents in Scotland may differ with regard to politics, but they almost always share a desire that their children grow up healthy, do well in school get married and have children of their own.

I wonder how many Scottish parents of a five-year-old boy want him to return from school one day only to tell them that from now on he wants to be a little girl. How would you react if this happened?

The first thing I would do is tell my little boy not to be so silly. He could of course wear dresses if he liked. He could play with whatever dolls he wanted. But I would desperately try to get him to snap out of it quickly, because I would know what would follow quickly if I he didn’t.

If he insisted that he really was a little girl and that he wanted to be called she or some other pronoun, if he wanted to change his name from John to Jane, I would know that the game was up. If I persisted in saying that he was a boy, if I called him John and refused to use the word “she”, he would most likely tell his school, or his named person or someone else and I would rapidly face the prospect of having to go along with his sex change or losing him entirely.

At this point the medical authorities would get involved. John would be encouraged at every point to believe that he really could become Jane. I might continue to believe that it is simply impossible to change sex, but I wouldn’t be allowed to tell him this. At some point he would be asked if he wanted to go on medication that would delay puberty. If he continued down this path, he would eventually be offered surgery and medical science would do its very best to turn my boy into a girl.

This girl of course would never be able to have children. She would probably never marry and the surgery she underwent might anyway not solve the problem. Whatever had caused the desire to change sex, whatever unhappiness that was there in my five-year-old, might still be there all those years later. She might indeed as an adult realise that it was all a grotesque mistake. But there would be no going back. Not really.

Even if my boy changed his mind after taking the puberty blockers for a few years, even if he decided that he really was a boy aged fifteen and prior to any surgery, it might still be too late for him to have children. The puberty blockers might have stopped that chance forever.

It is for this reason that I really don’t want drag queens coming into primary school. I don’t want little children to be told that there are one hundred genders and that they can pick any one of them. I don’t want school kids to be told that gender is fluid and a choice and how anyone at any time can change from being a boy to a girl and vice versa just by saying it. I have heard stories of whole classes deciding to change sex. I have heard that the number of children deciding they are not really boys or really girls has grown exponentially in the last few years. I don’t want children to hear any of this, because I think it is an hysterical delusion, but worse than that when a small child learns his teacher’s lesson, follows the crowd,  or thinks wouldn’t it great to be a drag queen he sets himself on a path which may well lead to legalised genital mutilation, sterility and most likely unhappiness.

It’s not a game. Mhairi Black may think she is being very woke taking a drag queen called Flowjob into school. The SNP may think it shows their liberalism that they encourage small children to switch gender. But I wonder is this really what independence supporters want for their children?

Most Scottish parents are willing to be tolerant of other people. We don’t want to be nasty about transsexuals, homosexuals or people who have different beliefs and are from different places. But we want our children to grow up to be like us. We don’t on the whole want John to change into Jane and nor do we want him to make his living giving flowjobs.

There are some people who love to be woke. But they are the minority. The rest of us have to make it absolutely clear that we remain tolerant, but we want no part of drag queens coming into schools and we are sick of SNP indoctrination masquerading as education. School should neither be about political correctness nor indeed about politics. It should be about learning to grow up to be decent citizens like your parents. Scotland will have no future at all if our little kids don’t grow up to be husbands and wives. It would be best therefore if the SNP stayed out of schools entirely. No politicians ever visited my school.

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