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The SNP hall of shame. Part 2

The SNP rival even the Lib Dems for scandals. I have yet to come across anyone shooting a dog, but I sometimes have the impression that every SNP politician has been married to every other SNP politician and has had affairs with them too. It gets complicated too because every marriage appears to be a front like SNP voters with a banner for “Labour for Indy”, but it’s not always clear what the front is hiding, perhaps nothing. Perhaps it’s because the SNP doesn’t like unions, but prefers divorce. They are very good at divorce.

Once more I would like to thank those who helped on Twitter. The rest I discovered for myself. It’s remarkably simple. You type the name of an SNP MP/MSP plus the word scandal. Who knows there may even be a third installment.

  1. Humza Yousaf SNP MSP and Transport Minister was caught driving without insurance.
  2. Joan McAlpine used public money to pay her lover’s wife to take photographs
  3. Nicola Sturgeon loses £10 Billion deal with China after the Chinese described the negotiations as a Scottish shambles.
  4. Sandra White made an anti-Semitic retweet. She said she did so accidentally.
  5. Alex Salmond spent £20,000 of taxpayer’s money trying to hide EU legal advice that did not exist.
  6.  Susan Aitken SNP Glasgow Council leader accused of nepotism after husband’s company allowed to rent property for £1 a year

    1. Elspeth Kerr Glenn Elder and Russell Robertson SNP councillors resigned the whip due to intimidation and bullying
    2. Eva Bolander SNP Lord Provost of Glasgow resigned over £8000 expenses used to buy clothes, shoes and beauty products.
    3. Susan Aitken accused of misuse of expenses involving taxis.
    4. SNP MPAlyn Smith called for black and disabled representatives to be removed from the SNP’s ruling body because they hindered the push for independence.
    5. Susan Aitken reported to watchdog over sectarian smear. She claimed it was a joke

    62. David McDonald and Susan Aitken reported to Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland over alleged bias.

    63. Nicola Sturgeon gave a character reference to a convicted fraudster Abdul Rauf.

    64. Lisa Cameron opposes the sale of council houses but buys ex council properties to form a £630,000 property portfolio.

    65. Chris Law breached advertising rules on his property website.

    66. Chris Law investigated over his tax affairs and property interests.

    67. Ash Denham handed thousands of pounds to former employees in compensation. Some ex-employees signed gagging clauses.

    68. Corri Wilson accused of nepotism after employing both her son and her daughter after being elected an MP

    1. Paul Monaghan apologised after posting an anti-Semitic tweet.
    2. Gillian Martin sacked by Sturgeon before starting job as Minister for Education due to online slurs about Jews and black people.
    3.  SNP spent more on a by election in Shetland than they did on the EU referendum. Perhaps they wanted Remain to lose.

      1. Craig Melville a Dundee councillor found guilty of sending racist text messages.
      2. Dave Doogan an SNP councillor made anti-English comments involving red-coats and quislings.
      3. SNP figures involved in a Game of Thrones style feud in Dundee.
      4. Chris Law accused of humiliating local councillor Roisin Smith while she worked in his constituency office.
      5. Jeane Freeman offers to help Angela Haggerty with her Asda shopping in the midst of the Covid crisis.
      6. Chris Cullen accused of making IRA jibes.
      7. Brendan O’Hara used sectarian language calling Rangers supporters Huns.
      8. Humza Yousaf deletes tweet mourning the death of gangland figure Omer Sadiq.
      9. Bill Walker MSP jailed for 12 months for domestic abuse.
      10. Hannah Bardell refuses to apologise after playing football in the House of Commons.
      11. Hannah Bardell writes in 2015 about Alex Salmond “I cannot think of anyone who has done more to help women, and men, to progress under his guidance.”
      12. Mhairi Black becomes the first MP in history to use the C word in Parliament.
      13. Ian Blackford is accused of making the last few months of Charles Kennedy’s life a misery.
      14. Phil Boswell becomes involved in tax avoidance scandal.
      15. Steven Bonnar gets involved in a street clash over a Celtic flag

        1. Alan Brown becomes the first MP to use the phrase “Get it up ye” in Parliament. Hansard asks for a translator.
        2. Douglas Chapmangloats about English Covid deaths

        89 SNP described as Scottish Nookie Party after councillor Keith Robertson’s wife is a hooker.

        90 Serena Cowdy joked about MP Stewart Hosie having trysts with her in his M&S Y fronts. He also shared her with MP Angus MacNeil, but his underwear or lack of it is not described.

        1. MSP Kenny Gibson was involved in a complicated love triangle with MP wife Patricia Gibson and a married party aide.
        2. Patricia Gibson fell asleep in the Commons but denied it.
        3. Peter Grant apologised after writing “Jacob is a Catholic Brexiteer. On Fridays he only sells out fishermen.”
        4. Mhairi Black was heard to say, “It took every fibre in my being not to put the nut on every one of them,” Apparently Mhairi wished to remake Kill Bill in a Tartan jumpsuit armed only with her head.
        5. Alyn Smith apologised after describing the Brexit Party as a money laundering front.
        6. Jordan Henderson Alyn Smith’s partner abused SNP women because they disagreed with him
        7. Alex Salmond was allegedly involved in sexual misconduct at Edinburgh Airport in 2008, but no one in the SNP knew anything whatsoever about there being any similar allegations during the independence referendum campaign.
        8. Angus Robertson allegedly knew about the incident at Edinburgh Airport, but he didn’t tell anyone else because no one knew about Salmond’s alleged reputation in 2014.

        98 Nicola Sturgeon has struggles with basic pronunciation. She thinks the word “Ferrier” is pronounced “Covid”. F is fuh Nicola. C is cuh.

        1. Nicola Sturgeon dogwhistles about closing the border with England then says “nothing to do with me” when Scottish nationalists dressed up like the cast of Chernobyl take her at her word.
        2. Peter Murrell sends texts about opening a second front against Salmond, which rather confirms Salmond’s claim that there was a political conspiracy against him.

Nationalists invariably ask in reply to a list like this “What about the Tories?”, “What about the English?” But scandals are devolved, just like health and education. If I murder someone it doesn’t make my crime better or worse because a Tory murders someone too. What the English person does or doesn’t do is irrelevant.

Are SNP politicians involved in an unusual number of scandals? Yes, because they have a control over the Scottish media that is unique in a modern western democracy. How many scandals have we not heard about? If the SNP could keep secret the Salmond allegations for years, what else are they capable of keeping secret?

What is striking about the SNP at least until recently is how closely involved everyone is with everyone else. It’s like a family and its feuding is more like dynastic wars than politics.

Mr Murrell may express a wish that Salmond sleeps with the fishes but clarifies it as an innocent joke about his own bedroom arrangement.  But we are building towards a conclusion where someone is going to take out the heads of the five families.

The SNP have been extraordinarily successful but there are still secrets to be told and the biggest scandal of them all is guarded like the holy of holies. We dare not even whisper its name for to do so would be heresy.

Something just might be stirring. Someone from the very inside will confess to the Feds to save his skin, but he will still end up in a bath like Frankie Five Angels.

The SNP have been in power too long for comfort. Not so much for us as for them. They have become corrupt. They think the voters don’t care what they do. They seem very strong and very popular, but it is a front that masks an essential weakness. They have never been so divided in my memory.

There will be more scandals and more revelations. This is the moment to attack. Let us do so with everything we have.

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