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The casting coach goes back to the cave

How many fat, ugly sixty five year old men do you know who have an addiction to sex? How many have beautiful wives or girlfriends in their twenties? I don’t know very many. Aging academics may chase after girls who could be their daughters and sometimes even their granddaughters and some may even succeed in catching them, but still it is not a common sight to see fat ugly sixty five year old men with the problems associated with addiction to sex with the youngest most beautiful women in the world.

Strangely I don’t know any women at all who while approaching pension age chase after handsome, athletic young men. I likewise don’t know any women at all who are addicted to sex, or who seek to have sex with multiple people who they barely know. Perhaps such women exist, but I have never met them.

The prospects for most men or women who have arrived at middle age of sex addiction would anyway appear to be bleak. How many of us could go to the latest nightclub with the expectation of finding someone young and beautiful to share the night with. Even if we should try to feed our sex addiction every night it is unlikely that most of us could succeed in satiating it unless like so many other addictions we were willing to pay. There are no doubt some fat ugly men who feel the need to pay for this sort of company. But how many could obtain it for free?

The number of fat, ugly women on the other hand who could succeed in sustaining such an addiction to young beautiful men must be vanishingly small. I have never met one, nor even heard of one. Very few men indeed would marry a woman a lot older than them. I can think of Mr Macron and a certain presently unemployed Scottish politician, but there are very good evolutionary reasons why this situation is rather rare. Marrying your mother may well be comforting, but it is unlikely to give you any children. So if this trait in masculinity ever existed it probably was evolved out some time ago.

Here we arrive at the fundamental differences between men and women. Despite what feminists and other left-wing theorists may contend there are real differences between men and women that are not going to go away. These are due to our natures as human beings being different. It is therefore simply contrary to human nature to try to make that which is different the same. To try to do so damages both. Instead of trying to reform human nature, which is the continual goal of the Left, the task ought to be to accept it for what it is and work with it so that all human beings have the best chance to arrive at something approaching fulfilment and happiness.

Women, of course, have desires, but they are different to the desires of men. There is no casting couch for male actors whereby female executives appraise the latest talent and then attempt to bribe them to have sex with the promise of acting jobs. There are no harems where a single powerful woman has hundreds of beautiful young men so that she can have a sex with a different one every night. Women, at least for the most part, simply don’t want to have sex with multiple young men. A harem might be a male fantasy, but even the role of the sultana is a female nightmare.

Men are attracted to physically fit, beautiful young women. If you doubt this please explain why successful Hollywood actresses are generally young and beautiful rather than old and ugly? Is it because acting talent is unevenly distributed amongst the population so that it is mostly associated with the young and the beautiful? Why isn’t the latest female lead in the latest Hollywood blockbuster unfit, middle aged and plain? Shouldn’t we just pick the most talented actress, no matter what they look like?

But why do men like beautiful, fit young women? Isn’t this terribly unfair to the rest of us? Perhaps it is, but it is also down to human nature. We are as we were forty-thousand years ago. Consciously or not, we are all conditioned to do that which will bring most children into the world. Men differ from women because they can have children with multiple women at once and because they can have children until they are much, much older. Women desire one man who can look after her while she is having children. A female movie executive doesn’t have a casting couch, because it doesn’t help her get what she wants. A harem with one woman and one hundred men is simply a waste, for the sultana needs only one man to get her pregnant, while the sultan if he has enough energy can make all one hundred wives give him children.

Men desire youth and beauty. For this reason and for this reason alone we have fashion and supermodels. Likewise, men like to watch young and beautiful women even if they cannot have relationships with them. This is why we have Hollywood and other things beside that the Internet is useful for. Ordinary men, especially ordinary old and ugly men have no chance whatsoever of sleeping with young beautiful actresses or even young beautiful shop workers. But rich, powerful men can and do even if they are old and ugly. Why is this? The reason is that women are conditioned by human nature to find men who can look after us the most attractive. The man who can provide a young woman with a cave and who can provide her with food is a better bet even if he is forty than a man of the same age who doesn’t yet have a cave or a steady supply of mammoth meat.

It is because riches and power bring with it the possibility of sleeping with young women that men value these things and strive to obtain them. It is for this reason also that so many men wish to display their riches and power, frequently for instance, buying a car that is much more expensive than they need. Riches and power on the other hand don’t particularly help women find a husband. What qualities are most likely to get a woman a husband? The answer is obvious: youth and beauty. It is for this reason that women value these things. It is women who obsess about fashion and clothes and creams that give the secret to eternal youth. Men don’t buy these creams.

Women traditionally gained wealth and power not by themselves but by means of marrying someone wealthy and powerful. The key then to riches and power for women was beauty and youth. Therefore men sell riches and power in order to buy young women, while young women sell youth and beauty in order to gain riches and power. Once you grasp this, you grasp human nature. It may be unfortunate, but that is how it is.

There is a lot of controversy at the moment about rich, ugly fat sixty-five year old men sleeping with beautiful young actresses. But how many actresses today are where they are because of acting talent? Do Hollywood talent scouts go to the best drama schools and pick those actresses who show the most talent as judged by the various academics. Do we likewise pick supermodels on the basis of who can best walk down a catwalk? I would suggest that we pick neither models nor actresses in this way. We pick them because they are young and beautiful. Having been picked because they are young and beautiful (but no more talented than the rest of the population), is it reasonable for these people to complain when they find it hard to gain work when they become old and ugly?

It appears that the route to Hollywood success for many actresses has frequently involved a rather unpleasant interview and bargain with rich, powerful, ugly old men. This has been the case since Hollywood began, but unfortunately it has also been the case since the world began. Men and women are involved in trade. There is something we both buy and something we both sell.

I once listened to a conversation in a Moscow café where two beautiful Russian women discussed where they could have belly-dancing lessons. They maintained that this was the best way to attract a rich husband. I likewise remember in one Russian university seeing beautiful women arriving for class looking as if they were going to a nightclub with full make-up. They didn’t spend their time before class looking at books, rather they spent it doing their hair in the mirror. Their primary goal in going to university was to meet someone wealthy. Did these belly-dancers think too much about the personalities or the looks of their future husbands? Did they mind that they would have to sleep with these people in order to obtain their riches and power? Not a bit of it. This was all part of the deal. They were willing to trade the commodity they had (youth and beauty) for the commodity they wanted (riches and power) even if it involved marrying someone who they otherwise would not have chosen. But I’m sorry this story has been going on since the world began.

If every single woman rejected selling youth and beauty it would no longer be a valuable commodity. This would likewise be the case if every man ceased to use riches and power to buy it. But this would also require us to reject our nature as human beings.

No-one should be forced to do anything. I believe in choice. But if my belly-dancers want to use this way to find a husband, let them. It isn’t my way of trying to get a comfortable, happy life, but for them perhaps it is the only alternative to a life of drudgery in a dead-end job. Who am I to judge?

How many ugly footballers have models for wives? Is it because these footballers possess charm, wit, personality and intelligence or is it rather because they have money? We may think it unconscionable that men are willing to use their wealth to buy young beautiful women, but then it is equally unconscionable that women are willing to sell themselves. The existence of the casting couch depends on their being rich, ugly, old executives who want to buy youth and beauty by promising acting success, but it likewise depends on these actresses being willing to sell. If there were no women willing to sell themselves in order to obtain success in acting, there would be no casting couch.

It might be better if the route into acting was based on studying at university and going to acting classes. But this would not lead to the present multi-millionaire actresses working in Hollywood. Acting talent does not equal youth and beauty.

Women do not need to sleep with anyone to obtain happiness and success in the modern world. We can study and we can find a job that will pay us enough to live comfortably. We can likewise choose a husband on the basis of his personality, his looks and his intelligence. At various points in our life people may offer us something we cannot obtain otherwise unless we sleep with them. There is a word for this. It isn’t a very nice word. However we must accept that in the world as it is huge numbers of women are willing to make this transaction, either because they don’t think they have the talent to obtain what they want otherwise or because they think the transaction is worth it.

Rich, powerful, ugly old men can persuade young women to go to bed with them. They can do this in order to give them a job, or to give them a new dress or because they are willing to spend a large amount on a meal out. It would be better by far if women rejected these transactions and were not impressed by flash cars and large bank balances. It would be better too if men simply used their personalities, intelligence and conversational ability to persuade women to share their beds. But don’t let’s be quite so outraged at the fact that rich, powerful, older, ugly men can obtain sex because they too have something to sell that women want to buy. This transaction has been going on for some time now. Indeed it is the oldest profession.

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