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The C5 Mission Statement

In a changing world, it is more important than ever to preserve the values and principles that liberal democracies hold dear.

At a time when the liberal democratic world faces its greatest challenges, the leadership that once came from America and Europe has been distracted by issues of domestic governance and economics.

We believe the best means of protecting the values and principles we hold dear is to make common cause with those who are both willing and able to meet the commitments of a deeper partnership.

We also believe that the transformative potential of affirming stronger bonds among Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom can be further enhanced by reaching out to other Commonwealth jurisdictions that can meet the same economic, social and geopolitical commitments as these four nations.

We believe that Singapore presently has the potential to be an effective partner to these four Commonwealth nations. 

To that end, we introduce the Commonwealth 5, or “C5” Network Initiative.

The C5 Network represents a collaborative, non-exclusive campaign that welcomes those who not only see the potential in this idea but are open to partnering in this endeavour.

We extend an invitation to those who wish to work together in common cause, where all can be innovators and trailblazers – no matter their station, circumstance, or contribution.

We also extend an invitation to those who have committed themselves to strengthen ties between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The success of each initiative contributes to the success of us all.

Join us as we take on the challenge of a bigger, more exciting world head on.

Co-signed by Ted Yarbrough, co-founder of the Daily Globe, Isaac Anderson, founder of the Commonwealth, Realms and CANZUK Campaign and Scott Crawford, founder of CANZUK Movement

About Brent Cameron

A writer and commentator on Commonwealth trade issues, Brent Cameron is the author of 'The Case for Commonwealth Free Trade' (2004, 2018) and numerous essays and articles. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of Commonwealth Exchange, a London, UK-based research group. Cameron worked as Telecommunications Coordinator for the Federal Ministry of Labour in Ottawa, Canada before joining SES Canada Research (now Nanos Research) as a Research Associate. He also worked as an assistant to former Ontario MPP Harry Danford, Member for Hastings-Peterborough and Parliamentary Assistant to Ontario's Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Cameron was a member of the Advance Team for Prime Minister Brian Mulroney during the 1988 Canadian federal general election. During the 2007 Ontario Referendum on Electoral Reform, he acted as Coordinator for the 'No MMP' campaign for eastern Ontario (excluding Ottawa). Cameron has also served as a member and contributing columnist on the Community Editorial Board of the Kingston (ON) Whig-Standard newspaper. He holds an honours degree in politics from Queen's University and a Certificate in Municipal Administration from St. Lawrence College (Kingston, ON). In 2014, Brent Cameron was elected to the municipal council for the Township of Central Frontenac, in southeastern Ontario, Canada, and serving as Deputy Mayor in 2017.

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