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It’s about being positive and taking control

Regular readers will not be surprised that I am voting to Leave the European Union in Thursday’s referendum, however I wanted to share why and maybe persuade any waverers and undecided.

I am afraid I must start off in a negative frame of mind.  I have to look at the Remain Project Fear and ask everyone to consider if they have ever heard anything that is more negative and consistently so.  Threats for extra taxes, swingeing public expenditure cuts, slashed pensions, isolation, economic recession, World War 3, plagues of boils, etc., etc.

OK, I made up the plagues of boils but you get the picture.  Doom and gloom will descend on Friday, if the British people dare to Brexit.

What the Remain camp don’t say though is what the future will look like if Britain does the wrong thing and votes to Remain.  What will a future Britain look like, locked within the ever failing European Union? I don’t know.  It seems though that neither do the Remainers.  They cannot tell you and throughout this campaign have not even tried to.

Many Remainers seem to think that voting Remain means voting for the status quo – it doesn’t.

Voting Remain means a green light for the ever closer union that David Cameron thinks he has an opt-out, from.  Make no mistake, a vote to Remain means that Cameron will have shot his bolt.  When he next meets his 27 counter-parts they will know he can do nothing if they renege on the feeble deal he brought back to the UK.  They know they can pass any deal to bail-out the Euro-crippled countries like Greece (and soon Italy and Spain) and require the prosperous UK to stump-up the money and there is nothing, nada, null, zero that Cameron can do, other than pay-up.  They know that Cameron simply could not do anything.  He couldn’t go back to the people of Britain.  He couldn’t with tears in his eyes and a tremulous voice, say ‘ but they cheated, they are not honouring the agreement’.  He will be what he is today – a dead man walking.  He will have no credibility in Brussels nor in Westminster.

Worried about Turkey gaining entry? Tough! If they want in, there is nothing that can be done about it.  Don’t believe me?  Look how Turkey have been given billions of Euros and visa-less travel just by threatening to allow the flood of refugees to continue.  They can do this, again and again and Britain will be told to toe the line and pay up. That’s the EU way.

But enough negativity.

The Leave campaign have been pushing a positive policy.

  • One that is based on faith in the ability of Britain’s people
  • One that sees Britain in a global marketplace and not tied into a protectionist customs union
  • One that says the nation that gave democracy to the world is best placed to continue this more than 1,000 year long tradition, if its people are in control of Britain rather than unelected Eurocrats
  • One that sees its security continues to be best served by alliances with nations both in and outside the European Union
  • One that looks out into the world and sees huge global markets in China and India
  • One that recognizes that self-interest will mean that the EU will agree a positive trade deal with the UK, when we Leave.
  • One that helps David Cameron fulfill his manifesto pledge by getting net immigration down to the tens of thousands
  • One that opens its doors, as it has always done so, to people who can contribute to the needs of the UK
  • One that sees a nation can only call itself that if it controls its own borders
  • One that recognizes a sovereign nation cannot allow its military to be subsumed into a trans-national defence force and maybe dragged into conflicts against its national interest
  • One that, at its core, trusts the people of the UK

On Thursday, if you are currently undecided, you have to make a clear choice – Vote  for the positive Leave position or vote for the doom and gloom fear camp and Remain.  Remember, the leap into the dark is to Vote Remain, Vote Leave is a leap into a brighter, freer future where we, the people, are in control.

Be positive, take control and Vote Leave.

This post was originally published by the author 20 June 2016

About Tom O'Brien

Tom is an English Conservative Christian currently working as a Finance Manager in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. When not in Iraq, his home is in Grantham, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom; also the hometown of Margaret Thatcher.

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