Monday , June 17 2024

May God rest her soul and may God save the King

Yesterday the country, the Realms, the Commonwealth and the world lost a truly great individual and an era came to an end.

A Queen who was dedicated to selfless public service and her duties throughout her life and her historic reign.

An unparalleled ambassador for this country and a beacon for it to rally around, the Queen was a constant presence in every one of our lives.

She was a uniting figure and represented the very best of Britain, of everything we can aspire to be.

Her Majesty was greatest Monarch and Head of State the UK could ever have hoped for.

She was the guiding light for the Commonwealth as it came into it’s modern form. I am forever thankful for her decades of service and the sense of selfless duty and honour she embodied.

May God rest her soul and may God save the King.

About Luke Binney

Luke is a 21-year-old Student reading for British Politics and Legislative Studies at the University of Hull. He is from Yorkshire, in the UK. He co-founded both Lib Dems for CANZUK (@LibDems4CANZUK) and Yorkshire for CANZUK (@YCANZUK) and has an interest in politics of the CANZUK nations as well as British Constitutional topics, particularly decentralisation and federalism.

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