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Labour’s shame

The UK parliament will, at some point in the near future, vote on the UK military taking part in a coalition of countries fighting against Daesh in Syria. The Labour party are still considering their position but their leader seems to be fundamentally opposed to any military action, whatsoever.  The Conservative leader, Prime Minister David Cameron, had his nose bloodied a couple of years ago and now wants to have a vote that produces an overwhelming majority in favour of action.  The Scottish Nationalists have yet to settle on their position but have previously been against intervention.

Bear in mind that what will be voted upon, is intervention in Syria.  The UK is already contributing, in the fight against Daesh, in Iraq.  Think about that, for a moment.  You are a Royal Air Force bomber pilot about to bomb a target close to the Syria-Iraq border, but since the border is really just a line on a map, do you bomb a Daesh convoy or do you return to base?  Do you just bomb the ones you are fairly sure are on the Iraqi side and let the others close to the border proceed or what?  Do you worry that the ones you didn’t bomb are now free to go off and enslave and kill people who aren’t members of the Daesh death cult?  Do you think about the fact that liberal ‘desk-jockeys’ back in the comfort of the Ministry of Defence, in London, will, after the event sit in judgement over you and, like Sergeant Al Blackman (so called Marine A) you could end up in jail?  Do you maybe think that it would be far easier to have a leader like President Obama, who is severely restraining the USAF’s bombing missions and so taking away the need to make such decisions (even though America could bomb, both sides of the border)?   Do you think that a leader like Russia’s President Putin would be better – he seems to be okay with bombing and doesn’t respect borders (see Ukraine) but does seem more interested in bombing anti-Assad forces, than Daesh.  Do you have time for all this thinking?

But I digress!

As said earlier, Britain’s parliament will vote, in the near future.  The vote has been mooted for some time but Cameron has been postponing it because he couldn’t be sure of winning it – even though the Conservatives have a parliamentary majority.  With the recent unanimous UN Security Council vote, he will perhaps feel more confident of getting wavering Labour supporters.

Labour is now led by Jeremy Corbyn and in the past he has shown very strong support for the murderous Provisional IRA terrorists as well as the terrorist Hamas organisation, so he is perhaps conflicted about taking on another terrorist organisation?  Certainly his reaction  to the death of Jihadi John – he thought it would have been better if he had been brought to justice – was typical Corbyn, since only ‘boots on the ground’ (something Corbyn opposes) could capture Jihadi John!  I expect that a vote when it comes, will produce the largest rebellion against Corbyn’s leadership, because he will oppose a vote calling for escalation against Daesh and many of his backbenchers will not support him.

The SNP are struggling to find a way to make themselves relevant, at Westminster and only manage by performing stunts, so they may oppose, en bloc.  They are saying they will hear what the government has to argue and then decide but my sense is that they instinctively oppose the Conservatives, just on principle.

What most bothers me about all of this, is the moral vacuum in which the UK, finds itself.  Some of us seem content with others doing our fighting for us. We accept Russian pilots putting their lives on the line, to bomb Daesh and therefore remove people that might come to the UK and kill and terrorise us but we won’t fight.  That is shaming!  I don’t believe that there is any cowardice on the part of the UK’s military but it is certainly being exhibited by many UK politicians!

These same UK Labour politicians have seen the failure of multi-culturalism and yet continue to appease Islam.  They bend the knee to the terrorist supporting Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Iran so it is no surprise that they are unable to see a clear way out of the moral dilemma in which they have cornered themselves.

Some of them are starting to consider that maybe, just maybe, opening the doors to the so called ‘refugees’ currently invading Europe isn’t the best way to solve the Syrian civil war.  Especially with so many potential terrorists coming in, at the same time.  Certainly the opinion of the British public is moving very decisively away from accepting ‘refugees’ – post-Paris, while at the same time, majority opinion is strongly in favour of the RAF taking part in air strikes on Daesh.

I posted recently calling on the forces of good, to carpet bomb Raqqa and I repeat that. Daesh need to be eradicated.  The fools in the corridors of power, in Westminster, the White House and elsewhere need to understand that there can be no negotiations or discussions with this death cult. Daesh are interested only in killing people that do not follow their version of Islam – those UK Labour people who think that a political deal can be reached with Daesh are the same kind of fools that led to the belief that it was possible to do a deal with Hitler, in the 1930s.

Cameron must call the vote, early next week and expose Labour and the SNP for what at best might be called naivete and at worse, political opportunism.

Oh! And the vote should not be just for air strikes.  It should be for all military options

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Tom is an English Conservative Christian currently working as a Finance Manager in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. When not in Iraq, his home is in Grantham, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom; also the hometown of Margaret Thatcher.

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