Sunday , May 19 2024

It’s time to deliver the promised real Brexit

Down but not out, Theresa May carries on.

This week has certainly been a testing one for the Prime Minister. She’s seen her Brexit deal voted down by the House of Commons and to add insult to injury she and her government have had to wrestle with a no confidence motion tabled by the Labour party.

Yet as per usual when it comes to this government and indeed this Prime Minister, nothing has changed and yet at the same time, everything has changed. The backbenchers have for the moment fallen into line. Corbyn has shot for a general election has been fired and missed galactically. If anything, he has left this Government more united than it has been since the unveiling of Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

What this week showed in full is that for all his bluster and bravado, Corbyn’s plan for a General Election is drifting further and further away. His inability to grow up and enter discussions with the Government speaks of his clear incompetence as a leader and a statesman. If he continues to peruse this narrative of a “General Election at any cost,” he will continue to lose the support of his own MPs like John Woodcock and probably the support of the people as well.

What the Conservatives must do now as a party is stay united and deliver a real Brexit. A Hotel California Brexit where we check out but never leave is unacceptable to the electorate, and once again this deal was discounted and found unacceptable by the grassroots party. So let’s carry on and deliver a real Brexit and fulfill on our most important Manifesto pledge.

About Joshua Chohan

Joshua Chohan is a regional executive in the Conservative party and stood in the local government elections in May. Joshua is also a member of the CANZUK international team as an associate.

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