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Images of the caring left in British politics

Leftard anti Blairite 650

As I have pointed out before, Labour are the true nasty party in Britain (click highlighted text to see article). Here are some images to further demonstrate what delightful, caring many people on the left are.

Labour Tatchell PIE 500

Thatcher Witch 650

Lefties are nasty 650

Leftie nutter. Tory hunting 650

Farage is a cunt 500

Charlotte Church Tweet 650

generation snowflake #26 650

Lefties spit at Conservative conference delegates

Corbyn momentum #3 650

Labour child sex press release 650

Thatcher miners 650

Leftie nasty 650

Corbyn thugs 650 momentum

Leftie scum 650

Farage #0 650

Leftie nasties 650

The most shocking thing about these images is that you aren’t surprised. Everyone in Britain knows what they are like. So why does anyone vote for them?

This post was originally published by the author 5 July 2016.

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