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CANZUK Story #1 – The military bond

I served in the Royal Air Force for seven years (2013-2020), and during that time I worked very closely with our Canadian, Australian and Kiwi brothers in arms. The base in which I was stationed had armed forces from all of the Five Eyes community (UK, USA, Aus, Canada, NZ) and there was a strong bond between us. However, the bond between the Brits, Canadians, Aussies and Kiwis seemed to be unbreakable. We had a far stronger bond than with any other nation we served alongside, including the Americans. That brotherhood has remained so strong over the years and whilst the Five Eyes agreement is such a successful arrangement between militarily aligned nations, CANZUK seems to be the logical next step that we should build upon with our family in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Our countries and militaries are already united under HM Queen Elizabeth II (a fact that instils pride in those CANZUKs I served with), so to me it seems that CANZUK is the only politically, militarily and morally correct path to take.

The author, given his position within the military, has chosen to publish anonymously.

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