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CANZUK Story #2 – Let’s get CANZUK done

I first “discovered” CANZUK, and CANZUK International, in 2017. To be honest I was doing a project for my Sixth Form Government and Politics class, finding a petition for study. Reading though the proposal, I was amazed, it was, and still is, very exciting. At the time I was committed to the EU, it was one of my main reasons for joining the Liberal Democrats, a party which I am still a member of, but CANZUK always has been, unlike rejoin, a good idea, irrespective of Britain’s relationship with the EU. 

The idea of CANZUK has always made sense as well. Four countries which share so much, from history to politics to language to values, could, and in my view should, work together. After all, working together achieves much more than divisive infighting. The opportunities presented for everyone within these four nations show how beneficial the agreement would be and all regions, from Québec to New South Wales, Scotland to South Island have something to gain. 

None of this is to mention that these are four great nations who can achieve so much together.

Ultimately, Let’s Get CANZUK Done!

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About Luke Binney

Luke is a 21-year-old Student reading for British Politics and Legislative Studies at the University of Hull. He is from Yorkshire, in the UK. He co-founded both Lib Dems for CANZUK (@LibDems4CANZUK) and Yorkshire for CANZUK (@YCANZUK) and has an interest in politics of the CANZUK nations as well as British Constitutional topics, particularly decentralisation and federalism.

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