Tuesday , May 28 2024

Soutiam Goodarzi

Soutiam is a young Conservative activist just moving onto college to do A levels. Massively Pro-Brexit. Interested in foreign policy. She loves music, particularly the violin and enjoys anything to do with politics. She holds mostly liberal social views, but is extremely conservative economically.

Barrow Grooming Gang Allegations

A few days ago I made a thread on the grooming gang allegations in Barrow. It did quite well, and I spent hours following the story to make sure it remained somewhat up to date, but unfortunately, the first tweet on the thread is now gone. I didn’t delete the …

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Is the EU a Democratic Union? I Vote No.

There is no denying that the UK’s supreme authority has in many ways become the EU, yet, many remainers would argue that since UK citizens have a say in what is legislated in Brussels, then this concern has no value- our sovereignty is exercised by our people, reflected in the both governmental and …

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