Friday , April 19 2024

Paul Maginnis

Paul Maginnis is a Conservative Party member, and author of The Return of Meritocracy: Conservative Ideas for Unlocking Social Mobility.

Boris Johnson’s Great British Bridge

Paul Maginnis is a Conservative Party Councillor, and author of The Return of Meritocracy: Conservative Ideas for Unlocking Social Mobility. In July 2019, Boris Johnson appointed himself as ‘Minister for the Union’. With seemingly rampant Scottish nationalism alongside the divisive issue of the Northern Irish border, it seemed like a smart …

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The Party of Social Reform

I bet I’m not the only Conservative whose blood boils when they hear the Labour Party talk about the NHS. No matter how much money the Conservatives put into the NHS it is still being ‘cut’ according to Labour. In every single election since the 1950s they have accused the …

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Celebrating Britain’s Jobs Boom

Statistics can often come across as dull, but when it comes to discussing the British job market in recent years, it is unavoidable not to use them. 3.8 million jobs created since 2010. Unemployment fallen from 8% to 4% (lowest since 1975). A record 32.5 million people in work. 750,000 …

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Building a Conservative Mass Membership

The Primrose League was a broad-based mass membership organisation which peaked in the early twentieth century. Its aim was to spread Conservative messages of fighting for Queen and Country whilst promoting free enterprise. In 1910, there were nearly 2 million members at a time when there was an electorate of …

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A New Type of Grammar school

Growing up in Northern Ireland at the beginning of this century, the binary system of grammar schools and secondary moderns was still in place. If you could pass the 11 Plus, then you had one chance to leave your social background and go to a fantastic school with aspiration and …

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Are the Conservatives the Party of the Rich?

Writing for the Daily Globe UK several weeks ago, I sought to defend the current government in terms of policies which have impacted on the lowest paid in Britain. I defended the Conservative record and argued against the media narrative that the lowest paid have been hammered by a pernicious …

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Britain’s Post-Brexit Meritocracy

The 2017 general election showed that many young people are rejecting Conservativism and even capitalism itself. If we are to build a more socially mobile post-Brexit society we need to ensure that Margaret Thatcher’s popular capitalism can prevail once more. Employment and wage prospects can be significantly improved for the …

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The Return of Meritocracy

Social mobility has stalled in Britain; The Return of Meritocracy argues that it is Conservative policies that can unlock opportunities for the many and the few… There are many vital issues which this country is currently grappling with. From Brexit, to terrorism, to funding our NHS, the country faces monumental …

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A Conservative Government for Low Earners

It has been a difficult decade for millions of people in this country. With the Coalition Government inheriting a budget deficit of £160 billion back in 2010, the country faced economic meltdown. In many parts of the media, the general narrative of the last 8 years has been one of …

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