Tuesday , May 28 2024

Michelle Robson

Michelle Robson is a 41-year-old married woman living in the north of England. Attended a UK comprehensive school and has a great interest in owning a wide selection of reptiles and Exotics, which she cares for dearly, (cuddly besties who just need love) this passion developed from work at a reptile rescue charity. Recently married but has been with her husband for 19 years and has 3 children, she is also really passionate in the Gothic period including current pieces of art and decor. Has recently become both knowledgeable and passionate in politics, especially over the EU referendum and continues to help people understand politician’s agendas and other political theories for those who care to learn. She has very strong political views that can easily be swayed with reliable information.

Why I feel I will never vote Labour again

Coming from a working class background, my family, working hard just to make ends meet and  growing up around many more poorer than us, have always voted Labour believing Labour were a voice for the working class and the poorer section of society. Therefore, growing up I always felt the …

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