Wednesday , April 17 2024

Mario Laghos

Mario Laghos is the editor of Just Debate.

Illegal migration is the biggest threat we face

A nation is defined by its borders. Without delineation between that which is within the nation, and that which is without, there is no nation. President Trump, on a visit to Poland, once opined that the question of our age was whether the West had the will to survive, and …

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Should All for Unity have Sturgeon worried?

All for Unity – Unity’s the name, and unity’s the game. The party, founded as the ‘Alliance for Unity’, but renamed at the behest of the electoral commission is the creation of (gorgeous) George Galloway, and until recently, it was led by him too. Jamie Blackett is the man in …

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Can Reclaim live up to its name?

Those who think that the Tories have been too timid in the culture wars, would do well to take a look at Reclaim. The Reclaim party, founded and led by actor Laurence Fox, believe that the Conservative party ‘aren’t being remotely conservative’ and take aim at the Tories over climate …

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Could the SDP be the UKIP of the left?

The Social Democratic Party, yes, the one formed in 1981 – sort of – are enjoying something of a renaissance. They have emerged from the political wilderness with a fresh policy platform, its tone neatly surmised by their new slogan: Family, Community, Nation. They intend to speak directly to the …

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Starmer is outflanking Boris on the right

Sir Keir Starmer was billed by his detractors as the MP for the liberal elite, the Baronet to the ‘People’s Vote’, a Knight in an ivory tower who had neither the acumen nor the character to take back the Red Wall. As soon as Starmer won the Labour leadership contest, …

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The Banning of Trump is The Worst of Two Evils

Trump is banned from Twitter, permanently. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch and virtually every other social media service followed suit and banned the sitting President. Even Trump’s email distribution service now refuses to facilitate his communications. When rumours emerged that Trump was set to migrate to Parler, a competitor to Twitter, …

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