Tuesday , May 28 2024

Jacob Long

Jacob Long is a 17 year old Australian high school graduate aspiring to study law. He is an avid writer with a keen eye for world news and has future political ambitions.

Suffocation through Emasculation

Men are wired to be leaders and providers, yet reside in a society of obedient consumers. There’s nothing to overcome, and no one to overcome for. There is little left to explore, and rarely is the perseverance and strength of the modern male put to the test. As recognition of …

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Taking Offence to Common Sense

Political correctness has claimed innumerous victims (words, phrases and ideas) through its relentless quest for censorship. Such suppression of speech has primarily been perpetrated by the liberal lunatics of the modern era. Conjured by minority groups, fueled by the mainstream media and legislated by politicians, sensitivity culture has reached an …

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