Friday , April 19 2024

Alex Kelly

Alex Kelly is a political blogger currently focusing on the EU referendum from Lancaster, UK. He is also a student at Loughborough University and is currently writing a dissertation on the role of nostalgia in the rise of UKIP. He tweets at @thepoliticsguy2 and posts articles at

Russia and the possibility of a new Cold War

The Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov passed through the English Channel a couple of weeks ago, sparking questions about Putin flexing his muscles and the possibility of a new Cold War. It almost seems conventional to claim that there is going to be another period like we saw between 1945 …

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EU Ref Series. Post #2. Crisis in the Eurozone means we must leave the EU, to protect our economic interests.

It used to be said that Britain was the sick man of Europe. These days it could be said that Europe is the sick man of the world. Ongoing crisis in the EU regarding its monetary union are not going to get better any time soon. We can expect the …

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EU Ref Series #1: How we got to Political Union. And what is it?

Political Union is a process. It has been and remains the long-term goal of the European Union. This type of integration involves the passing of policy making and political process to the centralised government in Brussels, taking political power from national sovereign governments. Since the Treaty of Rome in 1957 …

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